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Red Monkey

Highly concentrated Fulvic Acid by Red Monkey

Highly concentrated Fulvic Acid by Red Monkey

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  • LolI'mMay lower cholesterol. Animal studies suggest that fulvic acid may decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol. According to a human study in 30 people, it may also raise HDL (good) cholesterol 
  • May improve muscle strength. In a 12-week study in 60 adults with obesity, 500 mg of shilajit daily helped improve muscle strength. Plus, an 8-week study in 63 active men showed similar results with the same amount of this compound 
  • May relieve altitude sickness. Shilajit has been used for centuries to treat altitude sickness. Fulvic acid may help treat this condition by enhancing immune response, stimulating energy production, and improving oxygen levels 
  • May boost cellular function. Animal research demonstrates that shilajit may preserve the function of mitochondria, the energy-producing organelle of cells .
  • May boost testosterone. A 3-month study in 96 men found that taking 500 mg of shilajit per day significantly increased testosterone levels, compared with a placebo group 
  • May enhance gut health. Ayurvedic medicine has used shilajit for centuries to enhance gut health. Some research suggests that it may positively affect gut bacteria, enhance nutrient absorption, and improve digestive disorders




I started using RED MONKEY Brand 100% Fulvic about 30 days ago. I was told that it could improve my workouts in the gym and possibly provide some performance gains and increases in endurance and energy.


I have a background in medication development dating back to 1985. I have worked with the FDA in the development of new drugs. Basically, I am very pessimistic when it comes to new products and supplements.


I must say after using the RED MONKEY 100% Fulvc I have is a short time noticed real gains in my performance in the gym.  I weigh about 160 pounds and have made gains of about 4% increases in lean muscle. I now believe that RED MONKEY has helped by allowing me to make increases in weight and repetitions.


I am about to start my next 30 Days using RED MONKEY 100% Fulvic and will monitor the performance during this second phase of use and expect to see similar results going forward.


Respectfully Submitted,


John Bancroft   "

 For Male and Female use

Many other health benefits

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